Carlow Town Land Use, Vacancy and Dereliction Survey

County Carlow Chamber welcome the development of the Carlow Town Land Use, Vacancy and Dereliction survey.  The survey which examined 610 properties in the core of Carlow Town determined that 79% of the ground floor of premises in the Study Area are in active use and mapped the level of vacancy and dereliction in the Town Centre.  This will better assist Carlow County Council to understand the current land use trends in Carlow Town, as well as the location and quantity of vacancy and dereliction within the Town;  and show areas for potential growth in the future.

Carlow County Council appointed VHA Architects, The Destination Developers and Cohalan Downing to prepare a Land Use, Vacancy and Dereliction Mapping dataset for the town centre.

Director of Services for Planning, Corporate and Economic Development, Michael Rainey stated that “As a Council we aim to support the development of our County Town through the protection of the built environment and the sustainable regeneration of vacant urban areas and derelict buildings”. Michael continued to say “this study provides us with a clear understanding of the current level of vacancy and dereliction with Carlow Town which in turn will inform the imminent strategic implementation of the Town Centre First Policy in Carlow Town.  It is critical that a targeted and co-ordinated approach is taken to revitalising the Town Centre that compliments the significant capital investment coming through the Urban Regeneration Development Fund as envisaged in Project Carlow 2040. I’d like to thank the elected members of Carlow Municipal District, the Carlow Town Development Forum, the Chamber of Commerce and local agents who all assisted with this process”.

The survey was co-ordinated by the Local Enterprise Office in Carlow County Council. Speaking about the opportunities for Town Centres , Head of Economic Development & Enterprise said, “it is acknowledged that while shopping habits have changed, the need for vibrant communities at the centre of our Towns & Villages has not”. Kieran continued to say, “much has changed in terms of cost of living rises and the conflict in Ukraine and its effect on consumer confidence, but we are delighted to see a number of new premises open their doors in the first half of 2022 in Carlow Town and as a council we are committed to the continued support of the development of the Town Centre into the future.


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