County Carlow Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business in County Carlow and lobbies locally and nationally representing the views of its Members to Local Government, National Government and the European Union – directly, through the Chambers of Commerce of Ireland and Eurochambers.

Carlow Chamber leads and is involved in ongoing lobbying campaigns to address a number of issues such as:

• Planning processes for new developments, civil and commercial
• Inward investment
• Promoting shop local – keeping Carlow’s town centre vibrant
• Infrastructure, road network and closures
• Reduction of local authority rates for local businesses
• Flood relief, parking facilities, town litter management and crime prevention

County Carlow Chamber is registered with / Standards in Public Office Commission under the Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015

Under the act, the Chamber must submit a return of lobbying activity for each period in which they are registered, in advance of the statutory reporting deadline for the period, regardless of whether any lobbying was carried out or not.

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