Press Statement: 24 June 2016 – “UK Leave Result”

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EU Must Work Together to Limit Uncertainty following UK Vote to Leave

UK will continue to be a key partner, but Ireland’s future remains with the EU

Speaking on Friday (24 June 2016)  after Thursday’s vote on UK membership of the European Union, Chambers Ireland Chief Executive Ian Talbot said “Although we await an official announcement, the outcome of yesterday’s vote indicates that the UK, our closest neighbour and a major trading partner, will be leaving the European Union.”

“While this is not the result that we believe is in the long term interests of the Irish economy, the UK will continue to be a key partner for Ireland into the future. The EU and UK now need to focus on measured responses to limit future uncertainty and undertake a sensible, proportionate exit negotiation process that will work for all parties. A clear framework for a UK exit must be agreed and put in place that minimises disruption and enables businesses to plan for the new reality. The EU also needs to develop a new program of reform to improve the functioning of the Single Market and the competitiveness of European business.”

“Chambers Ireland has been quite clear that Ireland must remain at the heart of the EU in order to secure our economic future. Increasingly, European states face challenges that are global in nature and can only be met as part of a cohesive Union. The increasing competition between regional trade blocs, climate change and the migrant crisis are examples of current challenges that can only be surmounted by adopting a unified strategy through the EU. Notwithstanding the UK decision to leave, we firmly believe that Ireland’s economic future is best safeguarded as part of the EU.”


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