Investment Is Needed to Protect Our Economic Growth in the Aftermath of Brexit Referendum



Chambers Ireland is today (27 June 2016) participating as one of the key National stakeholders in the National Economic Dialogue taking place at Dublin Castle.

Speaking from Dublin Castle, Ian Talbot Chief Executive Chambers Ireland said, “In the aftermath of the UK’s Brexit referendum and decision to leave the European Union we are entering a period of uncertainty. Making the right investment and budget decisions is crucial to protect Ireland’s economic growth. Addressing the need for significant increases in infrastructure investment to meet demographic changes and to facilitate economic growth must be an immediate priority for the Government in Budget 2017.”

“In tandem with increasing the amount we allocate to capital expenditure, we must also prioritise delivering investment to areas of strategic national importance if we are to sustain our economic growth. One such area of importance for the Irish Chamber Network is education and skills. It is imperative that we ensure our education system can develop and adapt to the skills needs of a modern economy. Skills mismatches and skills gaps are a real threat to economic growth and to Ireland’s competitiveness. If we invest sensibly and strategically in our economy now, we can ensure that Ireland remains a competitive place to do business and attract FDI.”


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