Apple planning decision welcome, but spurious attempts to undermine the State’s planning rules must be addressed

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Speaking today on the decision by the Commercial Court in relation to the Apple data centre in Athenry, Ian Talbot, Chief Executive of Chambers Ireland commented:

“The ruling by the Commercial Court today upholding the previous decision by An Bord Pleanála is welcome but we must look at the bigger picture here. Denmark already has its Apple data centre and the investment and jobs that have come with it.

Spurious attempts to undermine the State’s planning processes and bodies should no longer be tolerated. There is no point introducing a National Planning Framework or a Capital Investment Plan if every significant investment decision is to be delayed in this manner.

Cases such as this cause reputational damage on an international scale and directly threaten the likelihood of foreign direct investment companies choosing Ireland as a destination.

Ireland’s economy should be as competitive as possible as we face into Brexit and these delays seriously undermine our national competitiveness. There is an absolute necessity to examine third party planning rights in relation to large scale infrastructure projects as soon as possible.

The ruling today is welcome, however the same challenges remain and the same delays are likely to be repeated unless we address the issues in our planning system.”

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