Updates to My Carlow plan cannot be allowed to slow the process

The plans for My Carlow, A vision for a living town centre have got people engaged and discussing the town and how we can move it forward, we are now talking about funding and investment in the town, both very welcome and well overdue.  While it may look like some of the lobbying by the Chamber over the years is finally paying off, it is vital that we ensure that the plans are what Carlow wants and needs and that the opportunities for funding are not missed.

The recent consultation stage saw over 296 submissions to the Council in relation to the plan and it is important that this feedback is fully taken on board in relation to the changes required on the plan.  While we need to invest in the town centre, it cannot be at the detriment of businesses that are the heart of the community, or indeed to create space that is not suitable to the needs of the community and visitors alike.

Brian O’Farrell, CEO of County Carlow Chamber commented “The council need to work to deliver an amended plan in early September that can reviewed by all stakeholders, and this must take onboard the feedback from both the submissions and recent consultation meetings.  Under Project Ireland 2040, there will be further opportunities for funding aside from the September date, however the priority is to have the right plan for Carlow.”

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