The South East Regional Enterprise Plan to 2024

The South East Regional Enterprise Plan to 2024

We recently attended the launch of The South East Regional Enterprise Plan to 2024 by Minister Robert Troy.

The new Plan includes projects and initiatives across the four South-East . Stakeholder consultation sessions attracted attendees from across industry, public sector and higher education sectors from within the region. The sessions highlighted the high level of collaboration and ambition that exists within the region, with a strong sense of optimism prevalent despite some regional challenges. Five key strategic objectives were agreed, with discrete actions developed for each

The five strategic objectives are:

Start and grow
Encouraging entrepreneurship and enhancing the region’s start up ecosystem.

Green growth
Ensuring that the green economy becomes an engine for future job creation and economic growth in the region.

Smart specialisation and clustering
The principles of smart specialisation and clustering are critical for the region to create a resilient, inclusive, sustainable and competitive economy.

Building on our existing RD&I capacity to place innovation at the heart of the South-East economy.

Developing a region that is attractive to both domestic and international visitors and communicating the benefits of living and working in the South-East.


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