Singapore Free Trade Agreement signing is great opportunity for Irish export growth

Commenting on the signing of the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the European Union and Singapore at the ASEM Summit in Brussels (19 October 2018) Ian Talbot, Chief Executive of Chambers Ireland commented,


“We welcome today’s signing of the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement at the Asia Europe Meeting taking place in Brussels.


Ireland’s ability to benefit from the huge negotiating strength and resources of the European Union’s trade infrastructure continues to lead to ever greater export opportunities across the globe, providing new markets to counter the uncertainties prevailing in some of our traditional markets.


Deepening our relationship with the open, dynamic Singaporean economy will also lead to improvements in our own capabilities and lead to quality employment opportunities.


The signing of the EU-Singapore FTA is also of strategic importance in the context of significant future EU trade negotiations with economies such as Australia and New Zealand, but also for future trade negotiations with the UK, where the deal represents the kind of modern wide-ranging agreement it is possible to achieve with a dynamic, sophisticated economy.”

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