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Across County Carlow and also Kilkenny all commercial properties are being revalued in line with the National Revaluation Programme.  The County Carlow Chamber held a seminar in relation to REVAL 2017 on the 2nd May 2017, looking at the process and how these new revaluations will affect commercial rates across the county from 1st January 2018.  Declan Lavelle, Head of Valuation Services presented to members on the process, what is involved and how it will affect your business.

What are the Key Stages?

11th May 2017 Proposed Valuation Certificates (PVC’s) will be issued to businesses across the county
19th June 2017 Final Date for Making Representations
7th /8th September 2017 Final Valuation Certificates will be issued
15th September 2017 Valuation list will be published – This is public
1st January 2018 Effective for Rates purposes


What else should I know?

  • There are 40 days to make a representation on the PVC issued to your business, there is not an opportunity to make multiple representations
  • Once the Final Valuations are issued on 15th September, there is a chance to appeal the value to the Valuation Tribunal. This must be completed within 28 days from the 15th September and charges will apply.  If you are applying to the Tribunal and have failed to make a representation earlier in the process this could affect your appeal.
  • If the valuation for your business is incorrect, and is not corrected, then that could affect the level of rates paid for the next 5-10 years until the next revaluation
  • When you receive your PVC, please ensure to read all documentation fully.


How will the valuation affect my rates?

Valuation x ARV = Rates Collected by Local Authority

ARV = Annual Rate of Valuation (This is decided by the County Council)

The Council should have an “Indicative ARV for 2018” available for release around the 11th May 2017, this will allow you to estimate your rates liability


What should I do now?

  • When you receive your Proposed Valuation Certificate, read through the details in full
  • The Chamber have been in contact with the Council and will endeavour to have the “Indicative ARV for 2018” issued to all members without delay
  • Make REPRESENTATION, this can be done online or by post (post will take longer). Remember you can only make representation once and also it needs to be done within the 40 days allowed


What Addition Advice Information is Available?

  • The Chamber will be speaking to the Valuations Office throughout the process and have looked at possibly of scheduling another meeting for members to meet a representative from the VO should there be an appetite to do so, please contact Brian directly if you would be interested.
  • The Valuations Office will hold a number of Clinics in Carlow. This will allow an opportunity to meet the surveyors who carried out the process in the county, provisionally the dates are scheduled for 22nd and 23rd May, further details will be confirmed.  At the clinics they can discuss your case with you, however you are still responsible for making your own Representation.
  • The Chamber will update information as it becomes available; members please contact Brian directly with any queries or to discuss in more detail.

For further information contact at Brian O’Farrell, CEO, County Carlow Chamber on, 086 022 5899

Attached is a copy of the presentation from the seminar in the Woodford Dolmen Hotel on 2nd May Revaluation Seminar


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