Funding and Supports for Going Green:

The Local Enterprise Office Kilkenny in conjunction with Kilkenny County Council Climate Action Team and the South East Energy Agency are hosting Funding and Supports for Going Green. 

This event is taking place on Thursday 14th September from 5pm – 7pm in Hotel Kilkenny, College Road, Kilkenny.


Guest speaker for the event is Duncan Stewart, well known and respected environmentalist along with some local case studies.

This event is aimed at informing entrepreneurs about the supports that are available to support the sustainable journey and becoming greener. This collaborative event will involve agencies that have a remit and are offering supports towards sustainable development.


  • The objective is to provide an opportunity to showcase all relevant supports for Green initiatives and provide a one-stop shop event that may be applicable to businesses, social enterprises, community groups, clubs, associations, etc. interested in sustainability; but don’t know where to start or what is actually available to help support their green journey.


  • The event is to promote and encourage people to embrace green initiatives; even with small scale investments (not just on a financial level, but time and human resources) and change their mindset etc.


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