ESB Networks briefs businesses on infrastructure, electric vehicles and smart technologies





ESB Networks in partnership with County Carlow Chamber held a seminar on Thursday 9th November in the Lord Bagenal Hotel where Chamber members and guests were updated on the latest developments in infrastructure, the electrification of heat and transport and smart technology for business.


It is 70 years this year since the rural electrification scheme began in Carlow to connect rural towns and villages.  That scheme brought major changes to Carlow and over the years we have continued to see development and innovation works in the region.  ESB Networks have one of the most progressive electricity networks in the world, now serving 2.3 million industrial, commercial and domestic electricity customers and they have clear plans for ensuring a brighter future.  The vision they outlined would see 40% of energy coming from renewable sources by 2020 and by 2030 in the region of 300,000 electric vehicles on our roads.


Following the event, Chamber President Yvonne Jones said, “the briefing enabled the members to learn about the business opportunities that improving electricity infrastructure and technology will bring to Carlow.”

‘An adequate provision of electricity is essential for the business community. ESB Networks has made progress in addressing the infrastructure needs at a local level and has ensured that vital projects have been connected. Continued improvement to our infrastructure will be crucial in the coming years as businesses expand.  The briefing offered us the opportunity to learn about the work currently being undertaken and about plans for the future.”

Echoing this sentiment Denis Cambridge, Divisional Manager South, of ESB Networks said “This is a fantastic opportunity to update businesses on the investment in electricity services at a local level. It’s also an opportunity to connect with businesses to inform them of improvements to ensure cost effective supply and the opportunities in the sector such with electric vehicles and smart technology.”


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L to R – Brian O’Farrell, CEO County Carlow Chamber; Yvonne Jones, President County Carlow Chamber; Denis Cambridge, Divisional Manager South, of ESB Networks

Photography: Thomas Sunderland


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