Chamber President Welcomes IDA Commitment to Carlow

John Brophy Manager Fairgreen Shopping Center, Martin Carrigan, Pat Deering TD, Eilish Corcoran CEO Co. Carlow Chamber, Rachel Doyle owner Arboretum Garden Center, Ann-Marie Tierney Le Roux IDA South East and Eoin Kehoe. Photo: Thomas Nolan

On July 9th 2015 the President of County Carlow Chamber of Commerce, Derek Shannon, welcomed the IDA’s commitment to Carlow in ensuring it continues to receive its share of foreign direct investment within the South East region. The welcome came as Chamber representatives and Pat Deering T.D. met with Ann-Marie Tierney Le-Roux, Regional Business Development Manager with the IDA in the South East in the Arboretum Garden Centre in Leighlinbridge, Carlow.

Following the early morning meeting, Mr. Shannon said, “We were happy to hear that Anne-Marie and the IDA are committed to Carlow and are actively pursuing opportunities for the county. While there has been recent good news about the development of the Braun site into a Business and Technology Park we need to ensure that Carlow continues to be considered for future investment to the region. County Carlow Chamber sought an opportunity to meet with the IDA representative in the South East region and we are really pleased with how the discussion went this morning. As the business representative body in County Carlow we are always keen to garner commitments which are advantageous to Carlow. The IDA has set out ambitious plans to develop the South East region over the next four years to attract investment to the five counties within the region and we want to ensure that Carlow registers highly on the list of potential locations. The current IDA target is to increase investment by 30% – 40% in each region outside of Dublin and that potentially translates into about 44 projects for the region, those projects translate into jobs and jobs are something Carlow needs.”

Mr. Shannon continued, “Carlow has a unique offering within the South East region. Regional development is about turning strengths into opportunities and realising the potential offered by a particular place, its location and geography. Carlow ticks many boxes for investment; access to a large and educated workforce, excellent geographical location including connectivity within the South-East, East and South-Midlands regions, close proximity to Dublin, a high preforming IT based in the town centre, and we’ve already proven ourselves as a perfect location for FDI investment, having already attracted companies such as MSD and UNUM.”

He added, “The Chamber offered our support in attracting investment this morning, we want to ensure ease of doing business in Carlow and came away from the meeting with some concrete ideas with how the Chamber can continue to promote Carlow as a location for investment.”

Eilish Corcoran, County Carlow Chamber CEO said, “We look forward to working with Anne-Marie in building a better future for Carlow. Clearly, she brings a wealth of experience to this position having previously held the position of Director of Europe for IDA Ireland.  With her knowledge, ambition for the region and impressive portfolio of contacts, we are hopeful that Carlow will continue to benefit over the next number of years.”

Pat Deering T.D, said, “I would like to welcome the appointment of a dedicated representative from the IDA in our area. I believe today’s meeting is an important first step as we in Carlow are only too well aware of what is required. The point must be made that Carlow has not recovered as a result of the closure of the Sugar factory and Braun within the space of one year but we now have the structures and facilities to build for the future.”

Chamber representatives at the meeting with Anne-Marie Tierney Le-Roux, IDA Regional Manager, included Derek Shannon, President of County Carlow Chamber, County Carlow Chamber Board members; John Brophy, Eoin Keogh, Martin Carrigan and Rachel Doyle; County Carlow Chamber CEO, Eilish Corcoran. Pat Deering T.D. Carlow/kilkenny was also in attendance.




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