Carlow needs more representation

Carlow needs more representation in Leinster House, that is something that we are all aware of and hopefully something that if the people of Carlow come together, then we can address. There is no doubt that we desperately need to secure more funding opportunities, investments and major infrastructure developments for the county. Our services are below par and our County Council has been under funded for years, forcing them to increase the charges on local businesses and communities in an effort to provide even the most basic of services.

Despite the challenges that have been placed in our way, the county continues to push forward albeit at a pace that is slower that we would like. It is regularly described as a county that continues to punch above its own weight and we continue to show truth in this in so many ways such as on the sports field or track, when the county delivered a ploughing championship like never before, or in the super companies and businesses that call Carlow home. We know that we have the right mix of skills, expertise and resources across the county, but what we do need is a louder voice in the Houses of the Oireachtas, working for the people of Carlow.

Looking at our constituency, there are 5 seats available in Leinster House. The population of Co. Carlow is almost 60% that of Co. Kilkenny, so to have a fair representation we should have at least 2 of those seats occupied by representative who are committed to Carlow. Over the last number of years we have seen 1 Carlow T.D representing the 56k people of Co. Carlow with 4 T. D’s from Co. Kilkenny representing an average of 24k people each in the county. How can we expect the same or similar representation when the local T.D has got more than twice the population knocking on their front door looking for their assistance.

In order to ensure we get our fair share of services, infrastructure, jobs, investment and funding for the county, then we need to put Carlow first. When the 8th February comes around, use your vote to put Carlow first and vote for a louder voice for the county by helping to ensure we have at least 2 elected officials in the Dail who are from Carlow and will work for the people of Carlow.
As of Friday 17th January, we have 12 candidates declared for the constituency, 4 of the candidates hail from Co. Carlow with the remaining 8 from Co. Kilkenny and there is still time for more to declare in the constituency before the deadline.

It is important to remember that voting as one of our rights has not always been there, it is a right that had to be fought for. Throughout history many different groups were denied the right to vote and when we go to the polls on the 8th February, we need to ensure that we use our vote wisely and in the best interests of our communities across Carlow. Carlow needs more representation and at least two T.D’s in the Dail.

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