Call for European Candidates to Keep Europe Competitive

The deadline for candidates to submit nomination papers ahead of the upcoming EU elections is at midday this afternoon. Ahead of the nomination deadline, Chambers Ireland calls on candidates to advocate for a sustainable, competitive Europe that creates jobs and supports economic growth.

Speaking today (15 April 2019), Chambers Ireland Chief Executive, Ian Talbot said,

“These are precarious times. The outcome of Brexit is still to be decided, and on the continent, we are seeing ever increasing populism and more and more candidates, many of which are opposed to the European project, advocate extreme positions. This instability is bad for our economies and this uncertainty is bad for business. We are calling on candidates to continue to advocate for a strong and competitive European Union and for Ireland’s place within it.

Within our manifesto for the European elections, we want Irish MEPs to push for more investment in our cities and regions and to support an ambitious, open trade agenda that enables our SMEs to build trade links all over the world. We also want our MEPs to make Europe a greener and more sustainable place, where businesses, particularly SMEs, are supported in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Ireland’s membership of the EU has transformed our economy. But we must not be complacent. Our representatives in Europe must continue to advocate for polices that support our competitiveness, particularly when it comes to sovereignty on matters such as taxation. Small open economies such as Ireland depend on it.”

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