A Clear Strategy for Regional Economic Development Needed – Ireland 2040


National Planning Framework must drive the sustainable economic growth of Ireland’s regions


Commenting on the launch of Ireland 2040 consultation process, Ian Talbot, Chief Executive of Chambers Ireland said, “We welcome the launch of the Ireland 2040 paper and the beginning of a public consultation process that will help inform the development of the National Planning Framework. A strong National Planning Framework will shape planning strategies in Ireland for the next 20 years. We believe the primary focus of the National Planning Framework must be to facilitate and support the effective and sustainable economic growth of Ireland’s regions. A clear strategy for regional economic development will ensure that each region can fulfil its potential for economic growth and will boost Ireland’s overall economic competitiveness.”

“A National Planning Framework that is practically implementable will play a positive role in the long-term sustainable economic development of Ireland. Strong cities driving a regional ecosystem of thriving towns and vibrant communities will grow the Irish economy and enhance the quality of life of our people. The National Planning Framework will be transformational for Ireland and we urge businesses to engage with the consultation.”

Full details of the consultation process can be found at: http://npf.ie/

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