The County Carlow Chamber has welcomed the progress in the formation of a new Government and the publication of the document a Programme for Government.

The General Election took place over 120 days ago and the formation of a new Government needs to move forward. While the document outlines a wide range of measures which needs to be assessed in greater detail, the publication is welcome and a big step forward.

Brian O’Farrell, CEO of County Carlow Chamber commented “While the measures included in the new Programme need to be assessed in greater detail, the focus on town centres, balanced regional development and infrastructure, particularly public transport and housing, is welcome.

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis has impacted on businesses and communities across the county and there is also the increasingly likely prospect of a hard Brexit at the end of this year. We need to ensure that we have a Government in place who are focused on the challenges and will deliver the necessary legislation and make the decisions that are critical to supporting and strengthening our communities and businesses.

The ability to respond in real time to these and any other challenges that arise must be a priority for our politicians, we cannot afford to continue to drag this process out.”

The County Carlow Chamber is an independent organisation, working on behalf of member businesses across the county and regularly lobbying on their behalf.