The County Carlow Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism CLG is reminding people of the importance of “Shopping & Supporting Local”, especially in these unprecedented times.   It is in difficult times, that we really appreciate the quality local businesses and service providers on our doorstep.

Brian O’Farrell, CEO of County Carlow Chamber commented “Our message is simple, we are asking everyone to continue to shop and support local, even when they are participating in a spot of online shopping.  With a wide range of products and services available online from local businesses, it has never been easier to #BeLocalOnline”

The positive impact of living in a thriving community helps you and your children enjoy the buzz of success, of feeling that all things are possible near home, where people have jobs and self respect, where members of the community work together to grow it for the benefit of all the residents. Local businesses have in many cases adopted a better online attitude, expanding their services through a range of means.

  1. Your local area needs your spend in order to grow and survive
  2. The higher the local spend the more jobs are created and saved
  3. Having lots of local businesses encourages healthy competition making them better and better
  4. The higher spend creates more local tax income and give us a stronger voice with legislators, reducing rates or costs per square foot and improving services
  5. Entrepreneurs survive the early years and then create potential when they are encouraged by your purchases
  6. A positive landscape for creatives and entrepreneurs allows members of the community live their dream at home, building their own small enterprise.
  7. Some of the smallest local enterprises offer the best presents, unique, unusual, quirky or personalised
  8. Buying local produce avoids shipping costs and reduces your carbon footprint
  9. Local businesses keep their profits in the community which benefits us all, over and over again. Every €100 spent by you gets spent again and again
  10. Shopping locally allows us get advice from someone who is an expert, who has years of experience, whether it is Clare in the ladies clothes shop or Kerry in the cake shop, Roy in the restaurant or Paddy in the printers. These people have the experience and being local, they want to make sure that you are happy and recommend them. They also want to keep their jobs and serve in their local Community, doing what they like doing