NUA Manufacturing Ltd

NUA is leading the innovation revolution in modern methods of construction for Ireland’s homes of tomorrow. We are changing the game, bringing ground-breaking technologies to our industry to supply more homes of a higher standard to meet demand.

Our people, our expertise and our cutting-edge manufacturing technology, thinking and techniques for fabricating timber frames and light gauge steel drives our ambition to lead the market and set new standards in home construction.  NUA applies efficient, innovative processes and construction methods for the construction of high-quality, sustainable homes.

By locating our manufacturing operation in Ireland, and sourcing more materials locally, this gives us greater control of our supply chain, makes a positive contribution to the environment and allows for faster, consistent construction.

NUA’s unique approach means we’re able to bring our products to market sooner – benefiting homeowners of the future.NUA challenges the status quo of how homes are built – with technology that brings affordability, energy-efficiency, volume and delivery at pace to the fore.

Categories: Construction & DevelopmentManufacturing, Production

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