Carlow District Credit Union

Carlow District Credit Union Ltd. is a co-operative based financial institution, owned by 26,000 members who save and borrow with them.

Established in March 1963, they have grown from strength to strength over the years, moving from CYMS Hall in College Street to Presentation School in Tullow Street (now Carlow Library) and then to Burrin Street before settling in their present location, Credit Union House, Askea, in 2004.

The operating principles are founded on our core values of cooperation, equality and mutual self-help. They exist for people, not for profit.
The geographic area in which Carlow CU operate is called our ‘Common Bond’ which was further expanded in 2015 with the transfer of Ballon and Rathoe Credit Union into Carlow District Credit Union Ltd., allowing them to offer our services to a wider area.

The services they offer are managed by the Board of Directors and volunteers, their experienced management team and staff, all of whom are dedicated to improving the financial well-being of their increasing membership.

They provide a safe place for members’ savings (shares) and deposits and offer a full suite of loans at very affordable rates which can be tailor-made to suit the individual circumstances of different members.

The thing which makes Carlow CU so different is the close relationship they enjoy with the community in which they’re based and of which they’re a part. It is this closeness with the members that keeps them connected.

Another unique feature is the insurance cover they provide on loans and shares, at no direct cost to the members. This gives the members the ability to borrow with the peace of mind that if they die, their dependents won’t be left asked to pay the balance.

Everything they do is in the best interests of those who save and borrow with them. They have been part of the local community for over 50 years now. Carlow Credit Union is owned by members, for the benefit of members. Carlow Credit Union are here to help them at every stage of their lives.

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