Budget 2024 was released yesterday by Ministers McGrath and Donohoe, setting out both the Government’s taxation and spending priorities for the year ahead and strategies to prepare for future challenges.

We caught up with Tony Harney, Managing Partner of a Harney Nolan Chartered Accountants , a highly distinguished accounting firm based in Carlow for his views and impressions on Budget 2024.  We have put this together in a short video to help you gain further insight into the measures announced and how they may impact.

Playback on our conversation with Tony Harney below or CLICK HERE

The key changes announced in Budget 2024 are:

•    Increases to personal tax credits and bands as well as reductions in USC
•    An increase and enhancement of the rental tax credit for eligible taxpayers
•    An increase in the rate of the R&D tax credit on qualifying expenditure
•    A targeted capital gains tax relief for angel investors
•    A commitment to introduce a participation exemption for foreign sourced dividends

Further Information on Budget 2024

For all Budget related documents refer to Department of Finance Budget 2024.