Application Engineer

Candidate Profile/Skills:

  • ideal candidate profile would be a time served Toolmaker or experienced CNC machinist with significant programming experience in CAM packages such as Fusion, HSM or Hypermill.
  • Excellent communication skills. Written & Verbal
  • Be competent and capable of leading a team.
  • Have a practical, constructive approach to problem solving.
  • Be a lean manufacturing champion with excellent analytical skills.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • NPI & technical transfers.
  • To provide solutions for the development of customer’s products, i.e., design for manufacture, selection of materials, research, design, build, evaluate, install, operate, and maintain all the Work holding, Tooling, fixtures, Jigs, production aids, production processes and other systems (made or bought), which are required to make the company’s products.
  • Develop methods, strategies, and programs for new parts
  • CAM system optimisation for full machine tool utilization.
  • Produce standard operating procedures (SOP) and work instructions (WI) used in the production of the Company’s products
  • Engage constructively with other functions and colleagues within the Company to drive continuous improvement and efficiency.
  • To resolve problems in production processes in a timely and controlled manner.
  • Produce prototypes & speed shop parts as required.
  • Assist as required with business case write ups for new Equip or processes.

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