Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got a question or query in relation to the awards and cannot find an answer, just get in touch and we will help you out.  Call the Chamber on 059 91 32337 or alternatively e-mail

Who Can Nominate in the Carlow Business Awards?

  • Nominations may be completed by any-person, whether representing a business, organisation, or indeed themselves.
  • If you know an individual or business deserving recognition then complete a nomination.
  • Nominations are open to all businesses and individuals across County Carlow and its environs,
  • Neither nominees or those nominated are required to be members of County Carlow Chamber 

Who Can Be Nominated in the Carlow Business Awards?

  • If you know an individual or business deserving recognition then complete a nomination, the awards are designed to recognise and  acknowledge  the great people and businesses in across County Carlow
  • Nominations are open to all businesses and individuals across County Carlow and its environs.
  • When nominating an individual or business, they are not required to be members of County Carlow Chamber.
  • The only requirement is that they meet the criteria for the category, with any queries, please contact the County Carlow Chamber on

What happens when nominations close?

  • Nominations are checked to ensure they are correct and meet the criteria for the categories they have been submitted to.
  • The initial judging review will look at each category and will conduct shortlisting based on the criteria for the category and the details submitted in the nomination stage 
  • All shortlisted nominees are contacted on the details provided by the individual who completed the nomination (Please ensure full and correct details are included)
  • Nominees are required to submit further information to support their nomination and strengthen their nomination through the judging process
  • Depending on the category, some nominees will be subject to a mystery audit
  • All Shortlisted nominees will be required to present to the Judges in September 2023.  Details of the presentation time and location will be confirmed in advance
  • The final shortlist of all nominees will be published in advance of the awards
  • Winners will be announced at the awards on 28th September 2023

How does the Judging work?

  • The judging Process varies depending on the categories 
  • Details submitted in the nomination stage is taken into account in the early part of the process
  • When nominees accept the nomination, the information they provide is a key part of the process for most categories
  • In several categories, unscheduled audits/mystery visits will be conducted of nominee premises to review and score the nominees along set parameters and criteria.  These audits will vary depending on the category
  • Nominees in most all categories will be invited to present to the Judges on a set date and time, see category listing on for further information  
  • Should you have queries in relation to the Judging Process at any stage, please email us on

Why should I complete a nomination in the Awards?

  • Completing a nomination is a great way to recognise and acknowledge the great individuals, businesses and organisations across the county
  • If you feel an individual or business delivers a great service, product etc, them why not let everyone else know 
  • In many cases the work carried out may go unnoticed by many, this is an opportunity to showcase that work
  • Don’t wait for someone else to complete a nomination for that company or individual, that someone else may be waiting for you to complete it
  • Nominees will only find out they have been nominated after the nomination period has closed, and no late nominations will be accepted

Where can I complete a nomination?

  • Nominations can be completed online at, full details are there also on the categories and the criteria
  • If you wish to compete a written entry, forms can also be downloaded from the Carlow Chamber website, just follow the links to the Carlow Business Awards
  • A direct link to the nomination form CLICK HERE

I would like to add more details on my nomination

  • All nominees will be contacted once the nomination period closes to advise whether they have been shortlisted in the category for the Awards
  • Nominees will then be give a period of time to provide specific additional details on their company under a number of headings
  • In certain categories additional specific information will be required

Closing and Late Nominations

  • The closing date for submitting nominations is Monday 31st July 2023 at 5pm
  • Nominations submitted after this time will not be accepted

Presenting to the Judges

  • Shortlisted Nominees in most all categories will be required to present to the judges on 6th / 7th September
  • The Date and time for your presentation will be confirmed in advance

About the Presentation

  • Presentations will be for up to 15 minutes with an additional 10 minutes for Q&A (Some Categories may have different times allocated).  It will be important to keep to the times 
  • How you present is totally up to the nominee.  There is no specific requirement in relation to using PowerPoint etc, however we will have screens available.  If there are specific tools you would like to support your presentation feel free to get in touch in advance to discuss.  If using slides these may be sent across in advance

With any queries in relation to presenting, please get in touch with us as