Our Ask

We’re asking local businesses, clubs, societies, charities, organisations and individuals to put Carlow forward as the next venue for their upcoming industry or personal association event or meeting.

Often the only thing you have to do is ask – so extend the invitation to Carlow


How you can get involved

Are you a member of a local branch of a regional/ national/ international business, organisation, society, charity or club?

If so, can you ask them to choose Carlow as the destination for their next meeting or conference?.

Three steps:

  1. Contact your organising committee or meeting organiser and ask them to consider Carlow for your upcoming meeting.
  2. Send them the ‘County Carlow Conference and Business Brochure’ so they can consider which venue in Carlow may best suit your business meeting needs.
  3. Ask them to register their event here to receive their welcome email and promotional offers.

Are you a Carlow business and want to get involved in the Business Gathering?

There are a couple of things you can do to promote the initiative in addition to bringing meetings and events to County Carlow!

You can submit suggestions here and the Chamber will send an email of invitation and an e-brochure to your suggested company.

We’re asking you to promote the Business Gathering through your online activity to increase the awareness of the initiative to the local community as well as those who may be visiting the county. Follow the Business Gathering 2015/2016 on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

Let us know if you have any promotional offers for Business Gathering 2015/2016 delegates. Your promotion will form part of a monthly delegate offering, which will encourage delegates to stay longer in Carlow once their meeting or conference is over.

Are you part of the Carlow diaspora? 

Bring your meetings home!  We are reaching out to Carlow’s global diaspora and asking them to encourage their network to bring their events to Carlow, plus it is an opportunity show your colleagues where your from and all that it has to offer over the course of 2015 and 2016.

For more information on how you can get involved in the Business Gathering contact us at the Chamber by emailing admin@carlowchamber.com or emailing Carlow Tourism info@carlowtourism.com

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