Sourcing Service

County Carlow Chamber of Commerce can assist its members sourcing business services such as IT solutions, graphic design, print and web design. We will be identifying additional services where we can source services for members. This new Chamber service will ensure that we assist the process of encouraging business between our current members. To avail of this service, then please contact

How it works:

  • Contact the Chamber with details of the service/product required
  • The Chamber will forward your request to member companies who may be in a position to supply that product/service, they can either contact you directly or through the Chamber
  • Once quotes are received, the Chamber will send all relevant quotes to the Chamber member.
  • It is then at the member’s discretion to decide if they wish to avail of any of the services offered to them.

Benefits to the Chamber member company looking for a quote are:

  • The Chamber negates the need for members to source appropriate providers.
  • The Chamber speeds the process up.
  • The Chamber can secure very competitive prices.
  • Benefits to the Chamber member company providing the service.
  • Ensures only Chamber members get the opportunity to quote.
  • Ensures that only Chamber members get the business.
  • Ensures that all Chamber members who provide a particular service get an equal opportunity to quote.

Terms & Conditions:
Once the quotes are passed on to the Chamber member, the Chamber will have no further involvement with the members who provide the quotes (i.e. it is up to the members who receive the quotes to contact the company they have chosen). If a company has provided a quote and has not been contacted in relation to the quote, then they can assume that they have not been chosen. The Chamber will not disclose details of quotes to companies providing a quote (i.e. no hints on what price they should quote to have the cheapest quote). We would ask that all Chamber members provide the best possible quote for the services being requested. The Chamber will not disclose what company the quotation is for.