3 Counties Energy Agency

Contact Information
Unit F06 Burrell Hall, Kilkenny Research and Innovation Centre , Kilkenny , Ireland
Detailed Information

The 3 Counties Energy Agency was initially established under the EU SAVE programme in March 2002 as Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency. The Mission of the 3CEA is to ‘lead and support Co. Kilkenny & Co. Carlow to reduce its CO2 emissions by stimulating and contributing to the implementation of best practice in the field of sustainable energy.’ 3CEA has extensive knowledge and experience in energy auditing, integration of renewable energies, feasibility studies etc. of small enterprises.
They are a non-profit, independent energy agency working primarily in Carlow, Kilkenny and Wexford. They have a voluntary Board of Directors drawn from the private, public and community sectors.
As an independent agency, their job is to help you reach your energy goals. It is not to sell you a product.
Through energy auditing they identify energy saving opportunities. They measure, monitor and verify energy use. The 3CEA team has expertise in the development of innovative approaches to designing, financing and commissioning of renewable and/or local energy generation.
Please note that now they do not offer Domestic or Non-Domestic BER services, however if you contact them we can put you in touch with those who do.

The Services the 3CEA provides are:
• Sustainable Energy Service to Local Authorities
• Energy Efficiency Services for Public Buildings
• Sustainable Energy Design and Implementation Service
• Renewable Energy Development Service
• Building Energy Rating Design Service
• Sustainable Transport Promotion Service
• Monitoring and Analysis Service
• Information and Awareness Programme
• Training