Netwatch – Celebrating 15 Years


It’s hard to believe that 15 years have passed since Netwatch started in a small  warehouse in a Carlow industrial estate. Carlow, a county which in the past has been renowned for its Sugar factory and heavy engineering, embraced Netwatch as a tech start-up and has been an integral part of their success to date.

David Walsh, Group CEO had this to say:“In truth, we didn’t start Netwatch to make big revenues, that was never our motivation. We wanted to change a stagnant industry, and make a real difference to our customers. Our mission is to ‘create a fearless environment’ for all stakeholders, and to put our customers in complete control. Over the past decade and a half, we have invested and evolved to fulfill that purpose to the very best of our ability, making Carlow our Global HQ for expansion and growth,” Thanks to the trust placed in us by customers, the local enterprise board, Carlow Chamber and the community in general, we now monitor almost 4000 properties across four continents!

In 2009, they launched Netwatch Visual Labs, their in-house R&D centre, utilising the very best brains from Carlow IT and other third level institutions. The result is the Cratos suite of proprietary software solutions, providing a customer experience unparalleled in the Industry. This year, to coincide with their 15-year anniversary, Netwatch will launch their greatest innovation to date, the Netwatch Core software platform. This is a first for the industry and will give customers instant access to protocols, keyholder information, live video feeds, camera by camera zoning and scheduling capability.

15 years in we still feel we’re at the beginning of our journey in Netwatch, and we have so much more to do. We opened our fourth USA office in Chicago earlier this year and all monitored from our World Class Communications Hub in Carlow. Our base in Carlow and the incredible team we have built there has allowed us to accelerate our growth on a World stage. While this month we are kicking off the celebrations for the past 15 years, it is with an eye on the future and the next 15,” said David Walsh.


Congratulations from us at Carlow Chamber and we wish you continued success.


Netwatch are the largest remote monitoring company in Europe with two specialist monitoring Communications Hubs across two jurisdictions. This has allowed them  to have the most comprehensive disaster recovery solution in place. Their purpose built hubs remain the envy of the industry.

Proprietary software allows Netwatch to eliminate 90% of false alarms which allows for the fastest response times on the market. The Netwatch Managed Service is the technology product of choice for protecting critical infrastructure in Ireland, UK and the USA.  

Why not get in touch with the team at Netwatch on +353 (0)59 91 39698 to discuss how they can help protect your business.