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Finance4Growth from ManagementWorks – a new state support for small businesses – ​FREE mentoring with an SME Finance Expert​

Every business needs access to finance in order to grow. But finding the time to identify the best sources of finance for your business is time consuming and sometimes daunting. And having identified the best source(s) of finance for your business, you then have to know how to secure it.

Finance4Growth is a new state support for business available through ManagementWorks.

Finance4Growth will help you to:

  1. improve your knowledge of the different sources of business finance available to you; and
  2. understand how banks, investors and agencies make their decisions so that you can secure the finance you need on the best possible terms.

You will receive two hours of free mentoring from an SME Finance Expert.

If you need further support, you will also be given the option of availing of a one-day finance workshop and a further two hours of mentoring for only €200 +VAT.

Further details of this programme are given on the ManagementWorks website here.

Finance4Growth in Carlow

ManagementWorks is now accepting bookings for eight FREE mentoring sessions in Carlow:

Monday 29th September 2014 – 4 mentoring sessions

Tuesday 30th September 2014 – 4 mentoring sessions

The mentoring will be delivered by SME Finance Experts from Lar Burke & Associates. If you would like to secure a free mentoring session, don’t delay, book online today. These mentoring sessions are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.